Joel's Resume

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California grown and educated at Azusa Pacific University on a basketball scholarship, Joel followed in his father's footsteps and became a teacher. He taught middle school in the Central Valley for 15 years. Joel is a teacher by profession and a national-level competitor in the sport of Schutzhund. He spends his time as the helper for 3 clubs training their dogs, his own and teaching intermediate and advanced obedience classes. He received a rottweiler for Christmas one year and was introduced into the world of Schutzhund by a student. He apprenticed under leading Schutzhund trainers like Gary Park and Dean Calderon. He quickly became addicted to sport and later was the helper and training director for a Schutzhund group on his own field. When his gifting as a teacher and athlete merged in the sport, he found himself in demand. So with his passions combined, Joel left public education to train dogs professionally where his skills as a Schutzhund helper and excellent communicator have been coveted by clubs from the Bay to Bakersfield.
Joel works over 150 dogs a week giving him a vast knowledge of different dogs and dog behavior that has made doing public obedience a natural outpouring.  Years of experience and thousands of dogs of all temperaments, breeds and ages, have enabled Joel to develop a program that builds drives in dogs and utilizes that drive to carry out desired behaviors while correcting undesirable ones without squelching motivation.  In other words, he has been able to bring that precision training required in Schutzhund home where people need it with their own family pets.  Joel’s training program has been incredibly successful and the result has been training methods and programs that give (teach) people what they need to effectively train their dogs.

It hasn't stopped there. His excitement and love of the sport has spilled over into his family.  One daughter wants to be a vet and the other a helper.  Both are training their own dogs with dad of course.  One son is waiting his turn doing time cleaning kennels, while the youngest is happy to clod around in dad’s tracking boots.

Joel and Arno at the BSP in Germany for DVG America, 2012
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Joel and Johnny Quest at the ADRK Championships in Rottweil, Germany, 2014
Personal Accomplishments:
*United Schutzhund Clubs of America Certified Teaching Helper
*Former North Western Regional Training Director
*Demands for his seminars have taken him to the Philippines, and many parts of Canada and the US
*Currently training over 150 dogs per week
*Sought out by professionals as a trainer of trainers
*Won numerous highs in trials for all phases of Schutzhund
*1st at the Norhtwest Regional Championships 2009 with Arno
*3rd place two times at the same Championship, 2009 with Jalk and 2004 with Gero
*99 High protection with Shocks, Northwest Regional Championships 2010
* USCA 2010 Championships with Shocks who was the only dog to V' in both protection and obedience (V'score means excellent)
* 2010 AWDF Championship received the helper's choice award. This is the helper's favorite dog.
*3rd place at the DVG Nationals 2011 with Arno, highest score in obedience
*Represented the United States at the German All Breed Championship for DVG 2012 with Arno, V' in protection
*Arna went 100/99/96 for a total of 295 at the WOW Trial 2012
*1st place at the Northwest Regional Championships 2012 with Shocks, high protection, high obedience, and high HOT (handler owner trained)
*2013 2nd place with Shocks at Northwestern Regional Championships
*2013 Joel with Arna V'd in tracking and placed number one female at the National Championships
*2013 Joel with Arna placed 7th overall at the National IPO Championships, and V'd in protection the following year 2014 at Nationals
*2013 Malinois female went 96-94-99 finishing with a total of 289, High in Trial
*2014 Arna high in trial at WOW Hot August NIght
*2014 Competed at the ADRK Championship, representing the US in Germany with Johnny Quest
*2014 Received 100 points in tracking at ADRK Championship and placed 11th in the Worlds
*2015 Qualifying score with Arna 96-96-96=288
*With his keen eye for nuances, he's been able to taylor his training to many different temperaments of dogs. To his credit, he has successfully trained shepherds, schnauzers, rottweilers, malinois, dobermans, boxers, American bulldogs, beacerons and even a tosa to Sch1.



A rare shot of Joel without glasses