8 Weeks from Chaos to Control

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The BVDT Obedience Course can teach your dog:

  • Basic Obedience - Sit, down, stay, come, and heel. While most other basic obedience courses teach these commands on leash, our basic program also trains your dog to obey off leash!
  • Distraction proofing - Not only will your dog learn basic commands, but it will learn to obey anywhere and anytime regardless of what distractions may be around.
  • Problem Solving - Problems such as jumping on people, chewing on objects, barking, digging, aggression towards other dogs or people, fear opt the vet, etc…. can all be fixed or prevented.
We mean it when we say, "8 Weeks from Chaos to Control!" Rather than having you get lost in a large crowd, we specialize in small group classes and one-on -one training in order to provide you and your dog the undivided attention required to get maximum results as fast as possible. Consequently, you will see those results faster than virtually any other obedience program. Within 8 sessions, your dog can be completely off-leashed trained! Just imagine, 8weeks from chaos to control!
BVDT also offers additional training programs specifically for puppies and those who are interested in advanced training or competition.