BVDT offers personal protection training for responsible dog owners and the peace of mind that comes with it. Sometimes just owning a dog is not enough. You want to know your family is protected when you're away. A good protection dog acts normal in normal situations and can be part of the family. Big Valley Dog Training offers personal protection training for dogs who are genetically wired for the work. Dogs must be stable, clear in the head and show a willingness to work. Based on your personal need, the BVDT Personal Protection Program can teach your dog a variety of skills that include:
  • barking on command
  • protect your home or property
  • recognize aggression towards the owner
  • biting on command
  • identifying the scent and locating a hidden attacker
BVDT offers protection evaluations to determine your dog's genetic capability.

protection-dog-family-guard-dog -with-kids

Not only will your dog learn these various skill, but it will also develop the confidence to protect you and your family when it counts. Remember, personal protection has nothing to do with a dog that is aggressive towards people. Most dogs that are aggressive towards people act in fear and will flee or cower when placed under extreme stress. A great personal protection dog is one that can socialize with friends, family and strangers, but is ready to go to work when called on.
We came home and the door was open. We sent the dog in first and told him to search the house. When he came back we knew no one was in there. What a great feeling!
Jennifer, a BVDT client

photograph by molly hessler

True personal protection is very different from protection sports which require precision; although the foundational work is the same. Due to the serious nature of this training, all dogs and owners will be screened before acceptance into this program. For those who are unable to invest the time into training a dog, BVDT also offers dogs for sale that are already fully protection and obedience trained. For more information on this program or to set up an evaluation, please call 209-632-3458. See the FAQ's page for answers to some commonly asked protection training questions.