8 Weeks from Chaos to Control

EVALUATIONS   An individual look at your dog’s temperament and drives including: prey, food, fight, defense, and aggression to determine genetic potential to perform in both protection and/or Schutzhund.  Problem Solving Evaluations can be done for individual issues related to obedience.  Problems like dog aggression for example, can be assessed and a plan of prevention put into place.  Along with the drives mentioned above dogs are also tested for their ability to offer behaviors, stability and clarity of mind.  Protection Evaluations test the dog’s drives as well as gripping behavior, countering, ability and willingness to perform in protection.
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COMPANION/BASIC OBEDIENCE   8 wk. hands-on session for dogs 7mo. and older. Currently offered week nights. Each class is 45min.-1hr. long, homework assigned each week and a final to pass at the end. Classes cover all the basic commands working on focus with distractions and the end goal of going off-leash by the end of the session! Only 6 dogs per teacher to maximize personal attention. If you’re dreaming of your perfect pet, this is the only class you need!

PUPPY CLASS Because there’s so much information for handlers and everyone is coming in at different points, BVDT has moved away from group puppy classes to better educate handlers on how to best raise their new family members.  Instead we meet with them individually and give them a crash course on Dog Behavior 101, teaching them the do’s and don’ts of building drives, shaping and luring behaviors and everything puppy!  Plan on 45min.-1hour so we can bring your furry baby out and show you exactly what we’re talking about with a hands-on demonstration.  You will have enough information to keep you busy until it’s time for Formal Obedience or you can come back for more personal guidance along the way.

INTERMEDIATE OBEDIENCE  Also an 8 wk. offering for those who want to sharpen what they learned in Basic Class or just want something more to do with their dogs.  Class covers more advanced commands and a “rug” command, plus a few fun dog tricks to show your friends!  Individual goals are also addressed as well.  Class is scheduled intermittently so call for dates and times.

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ADVANCED/SCHUTZHUND Bh/COMPETITION OBEDIENCE   For those looking to pursue a BH title for their dogs in Schutzhund, this class is a must!  Dogs are worked individually through all required exercises of the title and given weekly homework.  Unique theories and training methods  are discussed as well as problem solving for Schutzhund.  Mock trial concludes the session.  Only serious handlers please.

   Dogs who are 1 yr. or older become guests at BVDT for 6-7 weeks and receive a personalized made to order course covering all the aspects of the Basic Class by master trainer Joel himself.  You will be nothing short of amazed at the transformation of your furry friend into the perfect pet!  This offering includes follow-up classes for you the handler to keep the work going at home.  Great for people who just don’t have a lot of time for training.  Program books months in advance so call or e-mail to get on the waiting list now!
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SCHUTZHUND TRAINING  For those looking for something fun to do with their dog, the German sport of Schutzhund promises interaction with dogs and people in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  BVDT is home of the Way  West Schutzhund club who train at the Delhi location on Monday and Friday nights.  Summer schedule: Obedience 7pm / Protection 8pm-??  Feel free to come check it out!  Very fun to watch and potentiallyaddictive.  Joel is the helper for 2 other clubs.  See LOCATIONS pg. for details and times.  Dabblers welcome!

 With improving in mind, this class offers competitors a chance to hone in on their skills in the areas of tracking, protection and obedience, providing a time of reflection and discussion for each phase. New techniques and changing rules in the sport of Schutzhund are part of the topics covered.  The group meets once a month for a full-day of training, food and fun!  Locations vary with the idea of practicing in different stadiums.  Call for current schedule.  All levels welcome!

PRIVATE SESSIONS  For those with particular time constraints or individual issues BVDT offers all types of training, including protection and problem solving on an individual basis.  Currently available all day Tuesdays and one other evening.  Space is limited so please call or email in advance to make an appointment.

IN-HOME TRAINING  For people who can’t come to training, BVDT can come to you!  We can come to your home, evaluate your dog in its own setting and help put solutions in place right there.  Availability is limited, please call.

SOCIALIZATION  Looking for a safe place to have your dog around other dogs and dog friendly people without the worry of a dog park?  BVDT has just the right thing for you!  We offer FREE socializing, crucial for good temperament to puppies who’ve had their shots.  You’ll meet lots of new friends and build confidence.  We can help with focus, play, and give you tips on getting off to the right start.  Currently offered Mon. and Fri. at the Delhi facility from 7-8pm.  Bring some of your dog’s favorite treats and come check it out!

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PUPPY PROTECTION  YES! Protection work can start young! We offer protection for puppies and handlers looking to build confidence and bond.  You’ll learn how to play with your puppy and encourage the right kind of drives for sport or personal protection. Puppies are worked individually or in a circle for short bursts to build their anticipation without losing their focus.

PERSONAL PROTECTION  In a crime ridden world, the best deterrent is still a dog, even if only to serve as a warning in the presence of an intruder.  BVDT offers personal protection training for dogs who are genetically predisposed.  Teaching dogs to recognize a threat and respond is a slow process that requires an educated eye and an in-depth knowledge of dog behavior.  BVDT has all that and trains police dogs as well.  If you areinterested, call for an evaluation today!
EDUCATION CLASSES  From time to time, BVDT offers educational classes for handlers who would like to expand their knowledge of dog behavior, learn new techniques or training tools. Dog Behavior 101:  Is an inside look at your 4-legged friend.  Learn what it takes to communicate with your dog, what makes him tick or bark as the case may be.  Class consists of 1 and half hour lecture format which covers do’s and don’ts, drives, problem solving and luring of behaviors.  Last half hour is devoted to a hands-on demonstration of each dog individually with tips for accomplishing your goals of the perfect pet. Invisible Leash or E-Collar training:  One of the most valuable and least understood dog training tools on the market today.  Come and see how it works and the best way to use it to accomplish your goals in training. BVDT can take the fear and apprehension out of using such a tool by giving you the knowledge and confidence when you see it in action.

TELEPHONE CONSULTS  Now you have it!  Dial-a-dog-trainer, but not just any trainer!  Master trainer Joel Monroe makes himself available for personal consultations and problem solving over the phone  by appt.  With his vast knowledge of all things dog-related, you are sure to go away with ideas and working solutions for your dog problem issues.  Some problems however, such as dog aggression may require an evaluation to determine the cause and level of distraction.  Call or email to set up an appt.  Payments must be prepaid with Paypal.

BVDT accepts cash, check, Paypal or Visa on site.