8 Weeks from Chaos to Control

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BVDT is a personal passion that has evolved into a thriving business. It's owned and operated by local teacher and family man, Joel Monroe, who is a gifted communicator with a love for dogs that has set BVDT apart. BVDT was founded to fill in a gap in the pet industry and offers personalized training with proven methods so people can better interact with their dogs. We strive to educate people about dog behavior and equip them to train the dogs they love. Our motto is "8 weeks from chaos to control," and our goal is to provide unparalleled services to dogs and their owners, addressing their specific training concerns. We offer a variety of program to fit both people and individual breeds, temperaments, and ages. None are too small or too old to train!

Joel's years of experience have enabled him to develop training programs with reproducible and transferable results! That means we offer people an education in dog behavior with results that work! Our philosophy expresses our commitment to dogs and educating the people who love them by bringing them the best training methods available and opportunities to put that knowledge into practice.


BVDT trainers are dog-lovers first, and experienced handlers who are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Because we're smaller, we view clients as individuals rather than numbers and their pets uniquely individual as well.
BVDT classes offer instruction and training methods that are proven at the highest levels of competition and equally important can be reproduced by handlers of all levels. And because our training is connected to our name, we protect that reputation adamantly by working with people to achieve their personal training goals. The proof is in the pudding! Come check out our training and see the results! We won't sell you a class, but you can buy one.

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Cute is not enough! Even small dogs need manners.